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EasyFil Filters

EasyFil™ Filters Overview

Luknova designs and supplies EasyFil™ filters for separation convenience and filtration peace-in-mind. The filters made of polypropylene (PP) housing and polyethylene (PE) frit come with sealed-in frit welded to the bottom and inner wall of the column and conical shapes, side-arm for vacuum connection, standard ground joint (24/25, 14/20, et al) to directly fit standard receiving glassware, and long-stem with pre-cut line (easily breakable) for short-stem application. We are the sole producer of patented EasyFil™ filters with ground adaptor worldwide and like to hear your comments regarding these reusable filters and their applications.

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Product Description and Part Numbers

Picture PN Volume Shape Joint Packing Qty/PK Pore of PE frit Listing Price
SX-8100-10 20ml column 14 empty 100 10µm $456.00
SX-8100-12 20ml column 14 empty 25 10µm $150.00
SX-8100-11 60ml column 14 empty 100 10µm $458.00
SX-8100-13 60ml column 14 empty 25 10µm $158.00
SX-8100-20 20ml column 24 empty 100 10µm $456.00
SX-8100-22 20ml column 24 empty 25 10µm $147.00
SX-8100-21 60ml column 24 empty 100 10µm $466.00
SX-8100-23 60ml column 24 empty 25 10µm $161.00
SX-8101-10 20ml column 14 0.5g Celite 50 10µm $340.00
SX-8101-11 60ml column 14 2.5g Celite 50 10µm $351.00
SX-8101-20 20ml column 24 0.5g Celite 50 10µm $350.00
SX-8101-21 60ml column 24 2.5g Celite 50 10µm $360.00
SX-8102-10 20ml column 14 0.7g Silica 50 10µm $350.00
SX-8102-11 60ml column 14 2.5g Silica 50 10µm $360.00
SX-8102-20 20ml column 24 0.7g Silica 50 10µm $358.00
SX-8102-21 60ml column 24 2.5g Silica 50 10µm $360.00
SX-8200-10 8ml conical 14 empty 100 10µm $450.00
SX-8200-12 8ml conical 14 empty 25 10µm $162.00
SX-8200-20 8ml conical 24 empty 100 10µm $470.00
SX-8200-22 8ml conical 24 empty 25 10µm $170.00
SX-8200-21 60ml conical 24 empty 100 10µm $500.00
SX-8200-23 60ml conical 24 empty 25 10µm $180.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Features and Advantages

  • Speed, faster filtration/separation
  • Save time, save solvent, reusable and save $
  • Safe (PP/PE plastic & not fragile) operation
  • No contamination, low-cost and disposable
  • Welded seals allow for no bypass leakage
  • Welded seals allow for higher solid yield and more pure filtrate
  • No filtrate sample-loss to strong vacuum
  • No splashing and large molecular (i.e, DNA/Protein et al) damage due to splashing/collision to the wall
  • Adjustable long- and short-stem, flexible long-stem minimizing foaming.
  • The same porous frit guarantees performance consistency
  • Single use and reusable (up to 4-20 times) and fit any budget
  • Continuous use up to 180°F (82°C), use intermittently up to 240°F (116°C).
  • Polypropylene (PP) housing and polyethylene (PE) frit material
  • All parts are welded together as one piece, absolutely leak-free
  • Patented design.

Technical Specs

  • Volume: 8ml, 20ml and 60ml
  • Shape: column and conical
  • Joint: standard 14 and 24
  • Packing: empty, silica, Celite
  • Polypropylene (PP) housing
  • Polyethylene (PE) frit material
  • OEM: custom brand manufacture and special packing are available

Selected Solvent Test

There are no apparent changes with following solvents conventionally and/or typically used in the research laboratory.

  1. at the boiling points of Ethyl acetate , DMF, DMA, diethyl ether, dichloromethane, THF, hexane, and water.
  2. at concentrated H2SO4, HCl, HBr, HI, acetic acid, and TFA.
  3. at saturated NaOH and KOH solution.
  4. with DMSO at 120oC (not tested > 120oC).

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  1. SDS of Silica Products.pdf
  2. SDS of Celite Products.pdf
  3. SDS of Alumina Products.pdf

Special Request and Contact Us

Should you require assistance, please contact us. Significant savings are available for large quantity purchases, please email to us at or contact our distributor for price inquiry.